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Dupre' Logistics HR Tip Line 877-889-0781

Dupre' Logistics asks that if you know of any compliance or integrity issues (i.e., unlawful, unethical, or illegal behaviors) that you would like to bring to the attention of Dupre' Logistics, as this is some valuable feedback in helping make Dupre' Logistics and Ideal Place to Work. We take these issues seriously and would like to continue to be made aware of them. Therefore, we are providing an ongoing Confidential Toll-free Tip Line that will be managed by HR only. If you have a tip - it will be helpful if you provide as much information as you can share (i.e., Manager, Department/business group, contact info, etc.). You will have the option to leave an anonymous voicemail or give permission to identify your name for HR to contact. If you choose to leave your name and contact info, this will give Dupre' Logistics HR department an opportunity to follow up with you for more information.


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